Welcome to Sicily

is located on the wonderful Jonic Sicilian coast, 15 km north of Taormina. The crystal clear waters and the vicinity of the major touristic hot-spots in eastern Sicily makes it the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing vacation enjoying the beauty of our beaches and the historic and cultural heritage of our land.

Within a short distance it is possible to appreciate the remnants of a glorious history in the castles, palaces and churches in the neighbor villages. Of particular interest are the villages of Casalvecchio Siculo, Savoca (the set of the 1970s hollywood production The Godfather), Forza D'Agro', Scaletta Zanclea since they still preserve a set of fortified defenses that were used in medieval times to protect the population by the coast. History, Art and Nature will welcome the visitor to our fascinating country offering an experience not easy to forget.