The passion for our homeland

We love Sicily and yet being born here we moved elsewhere for studying and working. In 2007 we decided to give our contribution to the promotion of Sicily abroad and the improvement of the turistic experience in Sicily. Our goal is to welcome our guests with a familiar and professional touch. We operate in a "low cost" and very competitive market and we accomplish this by maintaing a standard of professionalism and high quality of services. Our homeland does the rest. Our structure is located in a strategic point from which you can reach the most famous destinations in Eastern Sicily. We offer accomodation in modern and spacious apartments, pleasantly furnished and located in the heart of the fishing village of Nizza di Sicilia and a few meters from the beach. Since 2007, when we decided to embark on this adventure, thanks to the preference granted by our customers, we have shown how is the place where the comfort of a family environment combines with the needs of the tourists of all ages.

ALEGA srl-s was founded in 2012 by the initiative of 5 siblings and their relationship with their homeland: Sicily. The need to promote the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of incomparable beauty, combined with our desire to get involved, has led us to create an entrepreneurial young subject, which aims to pursue a model of local and sustainable development. Our activity focuses on two key sectors of the local economy: the primary, through the revival of agriculture and in particular the native cultivars of Eastern Sicily, and the service sector, with the recovery and management of the Pentefur Castle in Savoca (ME) and hospitality built for families with ALEGAmare.

The legal stuff

ALEGA srl-s is a limited company, with a registered capital of € 500,00. The company, headquartered in Via Umberto I n. 146, 98026 Nizza di Sicilia (ME), is registered on the Companies Register of the Chamber of Commerce of Messina with VAT Reg. 03231140835.